Cleaning For Guests With Sensitivities

You may have some guests over at your house who are more sensitive than the average person. They may have allergies or may be unable to handle the dust and other irritants in your house. Here are a few ways you can prepare your house to make it more accommodating for them and to ensure that they are not suffering as they stay with you.

Sleeping Arrangements
For those guests that will be staying overnight, you may need to make certain that pillows and sheets are of the hypoallergenic variety. You can buy bed covers and pillowcases that are hypoallergenic and that will provide them with better sleep when they use your beds. You could also simply wash the pillows and sheets in very hot water. This will kill a lot of the allergens. Be sure to do any washing right before they arrive so that there is no time for new irritants to take the place of the old ones.

Dust Everywhere
You can get rid of most allergens and irritants by simply performing a thorough cleaning. You want to do all your dusting and sweeping and vacuuming before your guests arrive. Be sure to open the windows as you do, so that dust particles have somewhere to escape. You should make sure you are cleaning everywhere.

You don’t want to miss under the bed, behind the fridge, in every little corner and everywhere else that needs to be dusted and cleaned.

You will also need to mop to get rid of dust that is too small for the broom to
handle. Using wet wipes as you dust can be great for getting rid of dust without spreading the particles into the air. When possible, use wet-cleaning methods to cut down on the circulation of dust and allergenic particles.

Find Out Their Needs
Each guest you have over at your house may have specific needs. There are many kinds of allergies, and you need to know how severe your guests will react to certain allergens. Even two people with the same kind of allergy can have very different reactions to the same irritant.

Finding out what kind of allergens bother your guests should not be considered rude or intrusive. Instead, it shows that you care about their well-being. It gives you time to prepare for their arrival and to make sure that they are taken care of and have a comfortable stay at your home.

In your preparations, be sure to talk with your guests at least a week in advance of their arrival. This gives you some time to get everything ready. But be sure not to do your dusting and other cleaning until the day before they arrive. This ensures that they have the cleanest possible environment. You can do some cleaning long before then, but you still need to do a general cleaning and dusting the day before your guest come to visit you.